Get Maine Climate Right is an initiative of Industrial Energy Consumer Group (IECG), an incorporated non-profit trade association of energy-conscious Maine manufacturers deeply involved in the evolution of Maine energy policy. IECG was there at the negotiating table, in the hearing rooms, and during the legislative sessions, fighting for positive energy change at each major inflection point in Maine’s recent energy history.

IECG’s first-hand operational energy experience and data-driven approach have helped sweeping energy reforms succeed when they might otherwise have failed. The successes have benefitted not just Maine manufacturers but society at large. Now IECG wants to use its decades of energy experience to help Get  Maine Climate Right.


The year by which Maine seeks to reduce GHG emissions to 80% below the 1990 level. 


The share of Maine's GHG emissions caused by the transportation sector, which has increased since 1990.



The annual amount of energy consumed in Maine.


The share of Maine's GHG emissions caused by burning petroleum to heat homes and businesses, which is virtually unchanged since 1990.

Who We Are

Who we are, what we've done and how we're getting climate right. 

Operative Principles

The seven guidelines we believe shape intelligent climate action. 

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