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The seven guidelines we believe shape intelligent climate action. 

Our Principles.


Prudence requires acting on consensus climate science. 


Prudence relies upon careful analysis and thoughtful economic planning of how to achieve our climate goals. With great care, reducing GHG emissions can be done without destructive controversy. To this end, we will cooperate with all serious parties. 


The burdens of reducing GHG emissions must also be shared proportionately among all fossil fuel uses. So far, the burdens have fallen disproportionately on electricity consumers. This is not only economically inefficient, but will perversely frustrate Maine's ability to meet its GHG emission reduction mandates. 


Climate successes must be acknowledged and celebrated. This will encourage support for next steps. 


Prudence also requires taking the most cost-effective actions first. We call this "Biggest Climate Bang for the Buck" (BCB2). BCB2 eliminates GHG emissions fastest and most efficiently.


Analysis and economic planning must include necessary changes and investment in electric utilities. Strategic beneficial electrification, the gradual reduction in fossil fuel use by increased reliance on renewable electricity from an expanded grid, is the superior climate mitigation strategy available. 


Climate success must include the participation of all possible sources, at every level of society. Let's diversify and innovate in reducing GHG emissions. 

Principle 7
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