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There’s ONLY ONE OPTION right now that guarantees energy cost savings for hardworking Mainers, and that option is the bipartisan compromise bill LD 1347. 

Maine has the most expensive solar projects in the nation, which is making our already high energy costs skyrocket. But a group of Republican and Democrat legislators have come together to find a fair compromise that protects Maine ratepayers while also supporting the growth of solar and renewables in Maine. 

Tell your legislator: We can’t have a clean energy transition at the expense of Maine ratepayers. Support bipartisan compromise LD 1347—it’s the only way to protect ratepayers and support solar at the same time! 

  • Net Energy Billing inflates electricity costs for all Mainers—including those who participate in community solar programs. 

  • Maine’s broken Net Energy Billing projects cost FIVE TIMES MORE than equally useful solar routinely purchased by utilities. Some NEB projects this year have rates of 25 cents per kWh, while Maine Public Utilities Commission routinely purchases equally useful solar for less than 5 cents per kWh. Maine families cannot afford this expensive mistake.

  • We believe solar should benefit Maine people, not Wall Street investors. That’s why we support equally useful solar that costs a FRACTION of the price of NEB programs. 

  • Maine PUC records show 87% of Maine’s NEB project sponsors are out-of-state groups. 27% alone are in Massachusetts. This is NOT Maine community solar. Our Legislature has the power to fix this. 

  • Maine’s utilities, energy consumers, and MPUC all estimate NEB projects will cost at least $220 million per year for 20 years. That’s an undisputed cost of at least $4 BILLION to Maine ratepayers. 

Community solar program will cost Mainers $220M a year by 2025

Bangor Daily News

April 13, 2023

Numerous states are backing away from expensive NEB programs like Maine’s

Solar Power World

April 19, 2022

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